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Build ORGANIC Social Media Growth


Social Media Service : Basic Package

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PS: We need to know your timezone.

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$150 / Month

  • Build organic growth :
    Real Active followers + few Verified followers
  • List Target Audiences
    (ex. life coaches, CEO..)
  • List Target Hashtags
    (for twitter)
  • Non-followers/ Unfollowers Monitoring and Removal
  • Monthly goals:
    6000 – 8000 New Twitter followers
  • 4 Weekly Detailed Reports = 1 month (pdf)
  • Schedule new or random blog posts on Twitter using Buffer/3rd party apps
  • Huge increase in tweet impressions and website traffic
  • BONUS! Free Google Analytics Wordpress Installation
  • BONUS! Weekly Google Analytics Social Report Included

— Please Be Guided to Our Service Process: —

  1. We will let you know once we have received your payment and start our service.
  2. Please check your email inbox for our confirmation email.
  3. We will assign you to one of our hardworking virtual assistants.
    We personally want you to know who is managing your accounts.
    You can introduce yourself, business and staff to your assigned social media virtual assistant.
  4. We will get your social media login credentials, list of target audiences and hashtags.
    For privacy: You can use Lastpass, private google spreadsheet, email, skype or any means for sharing your login details.
    It depends on what medium you are more comfortable with.
  5. Please check your email inbox for our detailed weekly reports for a month. (pdf)