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Davao City, Philippines

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We Are the Dedicated and Hardworking Team of  Website Services in Davao City, Philippines

  • Virtual Assistance (All-Around General VA)
    > Check HERE for details.
  • Website Services
    > Cpanel Management (Email, Mysql, PHPmyadmin, Backup, Subdomains)
    > Wordpress Installation & Customization
    > Website Migration & Hosting/Domain Management
    > Ecommerce Website Setup (Woocommerce, Paypal Integration)
    > Drupal/Wordpress Backend Automation
    > Setup SSL (Namecheap, Seoxserver, Let’s Encrypt)
    > WHM Management
    > Customized Payment Page integrating Stripe (Gateway) & Twilio (SMS)
  • Graphic Design & Web Design
    > Banners, Social Media Images, Infographic
    > 3D Ebook Cover
    > GIF animation
    > Customize Frontend Website Design
    > Fillable PDF
  • Social Media Marketing
    > Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram Strategic Following & Monitoring
    > Posts Scheduling & Engagement (Syndwire, Buffer, Hootsuite)
  • Email Marketing
  • Wordpress Management and Maintenance
    > Uptime Boost & 3rd Party Autoresponders
    > Wordpress Security and Optimization
    > Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Software Development for Business Transactions Automation
    (Windows Desktop Applications Only)